Christmas Greetings, Thanks and Reflection from Cosmetics Bulgaria

During one of our final working days for 2018, we, at Cosmetics Bulgaria would like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients and followers for their unconditional support and love in the past year. We felt it constantly and persistently and it held us accountable every time we felt discouraged. We are more than humbled and blessed to have such a powerful, active and loving community of fans and clients behind our backs!

We would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year! May your homes be filled with love, happiness, laughter and Cosmetics Bulgaria parcels!   😎 We will deliver!  

As for us we are thankful that in 2018 our hard work and efforts paid off and we went places!

Members of team visited two charity events abroad!

We ran the longest distance during the Tryavna Ultra Marathon – a whole 145 km!

Martin ran the distance of 145 km for 34:06:55 with the Cosmetics Bulgaria shirt.

Conquered peaks and expanded our horizons in any meaning!


Members of team climbed the Goliam Kademlia peak (2275.4 m) in the Central Balkan National Park in November.

We had a successfull summer season in our Nessebar shop.


We were more than blessed that the Cosmetics Bulgaria family grew in numbers. In 2018  we welcomed new staffers as well as the first Cosmetics Bulgaria baby – the beautiful Victoria Targova.

Our team witnessed a second Cosmetics Bulgaria wedding!

Martin and Vanya tied the knot on 23rd of July

In 2018 brand ambassadors became partners and partners became friends.

Amy came to visit our stores in June and we began our partnership!

We explored options and discovered new brands for our shops that fell right into place – there in our heart! It is not everyday that you come across products that are pure quality and are a result of intelligent design. You are bound to love them when you find them! We can’t wait to show all of them to you!

We had the best time during the Brave.New.Hair presentation in our Varna store!

Of course all that didn’t go without bloopers, the biggest of which was that time when we switched the packing labels of two orders and we had to figure out a way for our clients to exchange their parcels. We were thankful that they extended their understanding and looked on our mistake with grace. It only goes to show us we do make mistakes and it’s not only peaks, but lows as well, and it is how you recover from them that matters.

While we messed one or two things up, we put a brilliant order when it came to Bulgarian Rose Karlovo distribution.


All the shops that store Bulgarian Rose Karlovo from Cosmetics Bulgaria stand out with their arrangement and variety.

We are determined to go even further in 2019 and can’t wait to share all the good news we keep in store!

Before all that happens though, and before work hits us like a speeding train again,  we would love to take a little break during the holidays. Please, do take into a consideration our holiday working times when making an order and keep in mind.

These correspond to the holiday working times of couriers and manufacturers. Regardless of that there might be delays. We would like to apologize in advance! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nadya, Nasko, Dessy, Yosif, Nelly, Martin, Tony and Ani.

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