Get 20% off on the organic skincare by Alteya Organics

Alteya Organics Promo

During this weekend (1,2,3) you will have the chance to shop the unique, USDA, cruelty-free products by Alteya Organics with 20% off. Alteya Organics is a renown manufacturer of 100% pure products with bio certificates.

We have at least 5 great reasons why you should have at least a few Bulgarian organic products in your skincare routine.

  1. Alteya Organics skincare contains organic Bulgarian rose oil. And this is one of its greatest benefits. Organic rose oil, or as also known as rose otto is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-age and nourishing ingredient. It has powerful harmonizing, therapeutic and soothing properties. Added to cosmetics it enhances its qualities and enriches it.
  2. Alteya’s products are nourishing and have excellent protective properties. Thanks to the natural vegetable and essential oils, plant extracts and natural waxes, Alteya’s products nourish the skin, help retain the moisture and protect it from the harmful impact of the environment.
  3. Alteya Organics’products are USDA-certified. Being as thorough as USDA is, obtaining their stamp of approval is a pretty good indication of high organic quality.
  4. Alteya Organics’ products are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly. This is a big one! We all love great cosmetic products that are also safe to use, but not tested on animals.
  5. Organic products are great for you and even better for the environment. Certified bio and organic products are derived from natural oils, flower waters and plant extracts that are organically grown and harvested. This means no chemicals have been used on the soil, or the plants. The products are biodegradable as well they will not have a harmful impact on the environment and won’t poison the water and the fish.

So don’t miss out on trying their products at a 20% discount! They offer organic rose water and other flower waters, face, body and baby care



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