Lower Delivery Rates from Bulgaria to Ireland!

Shipping from Bulgaria to Ireland

Attention all Irish savvy shoppers and beauty enthusiasts! We have some fantastic news that’s bound to brighten your day and contribute to significant savings!  Now, you can shop products up to 10 kg for just €13.90!  Yes, you read that right. Delivery rates from Bulgaria to Ireland is now more affordable than ever.

Why This Matters

For a very long time now we have tried to negotiate lower delivery costs over the years, unfortunately to no avail! It wasn’t easy to find a good quality service, that is also reliable and at the same time cheaper than what we used until now. The Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine didn’t help either and as everything went up in price, so the delivery continued to grow! But not anymore! With our new and reduced delivery rates (thanks, DHL!), you can fill up your cart with all your favorite items without worrying about the delivery costs spiraling out of control. This means more of what you love, for less!

What’s in It for You

  1. More Savings: The reduced delivery charge of €13.90 for up to 10 kg means you can buy more without breaking the bank. Whether you’re stocking up on skincare essentials, beauty products, or any other items from our wide range, you’ll save money on delivery.
  2. Greater Convenience: No more second-guessing if you should remove an item from your cart to keep delivery costs down. Shop freely and enjoy the convenience of having all your desired products delivered right to your doorstep in Ireland at a fixed, affordable rate.
  3. Expand Your Haul: Always wanted to try more products but hesitated due to delivery fees? Now is your chance to explore and experiment with a variety of items without worrying about escalating shipping costs. Treat yourself to that luxurious skincare set or stock up on those must-have beauty products – the choice is yours!

How Much Are You Saving

We cannot bring the delivery costs to zero without sky-rocketing the price of products, but you will still be saving a lot! Here is a comparison of how much more affordable the new rates are:

Delivery from Bulgaria to Ireland

Our Commitment to You:

We understand the importance of providing our customers with value for their money. This new delivery rate is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your shopping experience and make our products more accessible to everyone. We believe that lower shipping costs should not mean a compromise on service quality. Expect the same reliable and timely delivery, now at a better price.

Start now

It’s time to take full advantage of our lower delivery rates. Head over to our website and start adding to your cart. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a first-time shopper, this is the perfect opportunity to discover and enjoy our products without worrying about high delivery charges.

Spread the Word

Share the good news with your friends and family in Ireland. Let them know about our amazing new delivery rates and the quality and unique ingredients of our products and encourage them to try them as well!

Shop more, save more! Happy shopping!


The Cosmetics Bulgaria Team

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