Sarah’s Results with the Cosmetics Bulgaria Routine

Sarah’s journey to clear skin without acne and breakouts began in the beginning of 2019 when she received her first bundle of products from Cosmetics Bulgaria.

Sarah’s Skin Before her first Cosmetics Bulgaria bundle

Sarah Before Dr. Derm Routine
This photo of Sarah is taken in 2019 before she began her routine with the Dr. Derm products.

Sarah suffered from acne breakouts and inflammation on the chin area all the way up to her cheeks with spots near the nose area and some on the forehead.

Lumpy with inflammation and redness, cystic acne;

Skin Type: Fair, prone to redness, normal to dry;


And these are the products we recommended for her available on the Cosmetics Bulgaria website:

Dr. Derm Cleansing Foam and Peel

1. Cleansing Foam & Peel by Dr. Derm – deep cleansing face wash with mild peeling effect (if left on the face for 2-3 minutes). Cleanses the pores in depth and helps minimize the diameter of enlarged pores. The Cleansing Foam & Peel contains only natural cleansing agents PROTEOL APL and Oramix CG 110. The added 5a Avocuta, a natural avocado extract which shrinks pores and reduces sebum secretion. The gentle exfoliating effect comes from the added herbal and fruit acids if the product is left for 2-3 minutes on the face.

Sarah’s comment on Dr. Derm’s face wash was that “The cleansing foam and peel is not too heavy it’s so light and refreshing on the skin.

Bio Concentrated Rose Water Dr. Derm2. Bio Concentrated Organic Rose Water Toner Dr. Derm – rose water is a natural anti-inflammatory, cleansing, refreshing and soothing ingredient. Rose water could be used as a final cleansing and toning step. It is not a necessary step, but rose water is so rich in micronutrients and has powerful properties to soothe and restore the skin. It moisturizes the skin and the face preparing it for the active products and moisturizers from the next steps. The flower water one can use in their routine may not just be rose, but also lavender, melissa, peppermint, chamomile and others, depending on the skin type and needs. Read more on the use of flower waters and their benefits for the skin and overall wellbeing here.

Active Treatment

Acnaut Acne Out Intensive Lotion3. Active Lotion Acne Out Biotrade* – this third step from Sarah’s routine is an ACTIVE TREATMENT step. The active lotion by Acne Out is rich in Niacinamide and active ingredients that treat the active inflammations, breakouts and pimples. Apply only on the affected areas and active whiteheads and lumps.

“The acne out lotion as soon as I put it on I feel it working. If a spot is coming up I use it and it’s gone the next day.” (Sarah)

*The active lotion by Biotrade is also known in some parts of the world under the brand name ACNAUT, but on the Cosmetics Bulgaria website you will find it by its original brand name Acne Out, which has remained the used brand name for the products in Bulgaria.

Alternative to this lotion is the Dr. Derm Intensive Lotion for Acne-prone skin that is a little bit milder and based entirely on 100% organic water. Contains niacinamide and D-panthenol to help soothe redness.

Acne Out Serum Dr. Derm4. Acne Out Serum by Dr. Derm – the Acne Out serum by Dr. Derm is also an active treatment step. It contains Sytenol® A – high-tech complex with anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. It is further enriched with calendula, chamomile and lime which enhance the metabolism of collagen fibers and in turn leads to minimized scarring and skin irritation.

“The acne out serum is like a miracle worker. It reduces redness and irritation and moisturises it was just what my skin was missing.” (Sarah)

Recover and Conceal

Collagen Hydrogel Dr. Derm5. Collagen Hydrogel Dr. Derm – We recommended Sarah one of our top selling products – the Collagen hydrogel, because not only it is a brilliant moisturizer, but thanks to the added collagen and hyaluronic acid it has powerful restorative and regenerating effect. It plumps the skin and helps it heal. It prevents acne-scarring and inflammation. The collagen hydrogel is further enriched with silver particles for an added antibacterial effect.

“Last but not least the collagen hydrogel, I felt like this was a hero product. It’s so light and fluffy and I feel like it brings light and energy back into my skin.” (Sarah)

BeMe Correct and Cover Cream6. Probiotic Correct & Cover Cream BeMe – Sarah used the probiotic correct and cover cream by BeMe to conceal any imperfections and inflammation. The probiotics in the concealer help balance the skin’s microbiome and restores the skin’s natural defensive properties against bacteria. The correct and cover cream by BeMe not only helps conceal the pimples and lumps, but aids their treatment.

The BeMe Correct & Cover cream serves as a brilliant concealer, evens the complexion and most importantly does not clog the pores or have a “cakey” feeling on the face.

Sarah’s Results after using the Cosmetics Bulgaria products

Dr.Derm Results
An after picture of Sarah after less than a year of using the Dr. Derm routine. No make up/filters.

“I’ve had problems with my skin for years and have tried and tested many products to no avail until I tried these. I can’t recommend these products enough ❤” (Sarah)

You can follow Sarah on Instagram – @ballymunhunandson

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