Texture Tuesday: Review of the Dr. Derm Sunscreen SPF50

Review Dr. Derm SPF50

Let’s talk about the texture of our best-selling Dr. Derm sunscreen with UVA + UVB protection and SPF 50!

It is a common misconception that all SPF 50 creams inevitably leave white traces, are heavy on the skin, make it greasy and clog the pores. That no longer is the case, especially for the Dr. Derm cream, thanks to the lightweight formula and the innovative APALIGHT 100 sun protection filter.

Review of Dr. Derm SunscreenThe Dr. Derm Sunscreen

  • Broad spectrum. Protects against UVA + UVB sun rays;
  • Protects against phytoaging. Phytoaging is the premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV), primarily from the sun but also from artificial UV sources;
  • Minimizes the chances of pigmentation spots caused by sun exposure;
  • Does not sit heavy on the skin;
  • Does not leave white traces on the skin;
  • Smooth and easy application;

The Dr. Derm sunscreen is suitable and even recommended for acne-prone skin. It protects the spots and inflammation from the harmful sun rays and thus prevents the formation of scars and the spots from getting darker.

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The Apalight 100 filter

Apalight (commercial name) or as also known as hydroxyapatite is a nutritious element present in body and food as organic and non-organic component. Hydroxyapatites are naturally occurring mineral forms of calcium apatite.

Let’s take a closer look at its composition and origin:

INC name: Hydroxyapatite
Function: UV Protector, SPF Booster, Anti-Aging Agent;
Ingredient Origin: Mineral Origin, Non-Animal Origin, Natural Origin.
Ingredient Safety: Biocompatible, Naturally Derived, Sustainable, Palm Oil-free, Environmentally Friendly, Nanomaterials-free, Natural

The Apalight filter itself ranks at the top of the skin compatibility scale, is considered very safe for use, and even boasts some anti-aging properties. In the field of anti-age efficacy, the ingredient proved to perform a statistical decrease of deep wrinkles and a tendential decrease of average rugosity.

Apalight vs Other FiltersApalight vs. Other Sunscreen Filters

According to research, the effect of replacing microfine TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) with microfine Apatite resulted in considerable increases in SPF values every time. Apalight had 9% better performance than Titanium Dioxide. The results of this research were important and are the reason why the Apalight filter is often referred to as SPF booster.

Further benefits of the Apalight filter are the fact that it is a very eco-friendly and sustainable ingredient. There is an increasing concern that sun protection pollutes the water, but thanks to Apalight’s non-nano nature it is biocompatible and environmentally friendly. It has non-animal origin which is also very important for everyone who wants cruelty-free products.

When it comes to safery, sustainability and environmentally friendly products, it is important to notice that naturally-derived filters such as Apalight, as well as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are still much more preferred than chemical sun protection filters which are often surrounded with a lot of controversy and further research is needed to establish their pro’s and con’s.

You can see more on how the Apalight filter compare to other sun protection filters:

Apalight vs. Other Filters
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