The Ultimate Guide to Flower Waters – Benefits and Uses

Flower waters, or as also known as floral waters are miracle-working waters that are used to soothe, calm, cool and tone all kinds of skin, especially sensitive, dry or problematic. They are often used in skincare, aromatherapy and for internal use as well and here’s a guide of each of their uses and benefits.

Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Bulgaria is notorious for providing the perfect home for the rosa damascena sort.  That particular sort of rose thrives best in the Rose Valley, which is a region in Bulgaria.

When the roses are being distilled for their oils, what you get is rosa damascena flower water, which is amazing not just for your skin, but for body, hair and even for your mental health. It has been scientifically proven that inhaling the smell of roses relieves anxiety, stress, migraine symptoms and has been related to reduced blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s even been shown to benefit the skin—and still we are just talking about inhaling the aroma.  When used topically on the skin, the rose extract has validated anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It helps restore its barrier function and natural hydration.

Added to your morning water or afternoon tea, rose water is great for relieving migraine, stimulating the metabolism and balancing the hormones and natural healthy glow of the skin (inside and out).

Rosa Damascena Flower

How to use natural rose water?

Skin Care

Skin Type: All skin types especially normal to dry, mature, sensitive and irritated.

  1. Cleanser/Toner. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties rose water should be a permanent part of your cleansing routine. Used after your make-up remover or cleansing milk, rose water removes any dirt or product still left on your skin, it tones and gives a healthy, fresh glow. It helps reduce sebum secretion, helps minimize pigment spots and has powerful anti-aging properties.
  2. Anti-puffiness cotton balls. If you wake up with a heavy head and puffy eyes, add your bottle of rose water in the fridge to cool and soak two cotton balls with it. Pop them on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. It works wonders for a quick fix.
  3. Anti-pigmentation remedy. Rose water is known for its regenerative properties. It helps new, healthy and glowing skin to emerge on the outer layers of the epidermis.
  4. Irritated skin. Calm a skin irritation by applying rose water to the affected area for as many days as needed.
  5. Sun burns and rashes. Spray pure rose water on sun burned areas, or apply with a cotton pad. You can leave the spray bottle in the fridge prior to using it. Use whenever your skin feels aggravated.
  6. Relaxing bath. Pour some pure rose water in your bath. Pour as much as you like and can afford. Personally, we, would soak in rose water only if it was flowing from our taps in abundance. However for the purposes of this relaxing bath, even a few table spoons would be enough to relax your body and senses.

Hair Care: You can use rose water after washing your hair with shampoo and mask. Simply pour some of the product in the palms of your hands and rinse your hair with it. Wrap your hair in a warm towel, dry and style as usual. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle and refresh your hair during the day. Not only this adds a lovely flowery fragrance, but your ends will feel more hydrated and your hair will be shinier and more lively.

Mouthwash: You can use pure rose water as a mouthwash. It won’t give you an Orbit freshness, but it soothes the gums and it’s a pure and natural alternative to commercially-bought washes.

Internal Use:  Adding 1-3 tsp of pure, organic rose water to your morning water, or your tea relieves stress, alleviates migraine symptoms, helps digestion and promotes overall hydration. Unlike caffeinated drinks which dehydrate the skin, rose-infused water will help maintain cell-hydration. It also adds great flavor to dishes. It’s popular in bakery and makes a great addition to cocktails.

Bio Concentrated Rose Water Dr. Derm
The 100% certified organic Bulgarian rose water by Dr. Derm Professional has potent toning, moisturizing and soothing properties. Thanks to the higher concentration of rose oil in its contents, the flower water is richer in nutrients and has more pronounced hydrating, rejuvenating and refreshing effect.

Other Rose Waters We Recommend


Lavender Flower Water

For the past 2 years now, Bulgaria has become the world’s largest manufacturer of quality lavender and this is one of the reasons why Bulgarian lavender water is one of the most preferred flower waters to use use in your beauty routine. From being an amazing natural toner to having powerful insect repellent properties, lavender water balances the senses, soothes the skin and provides instant comfort.

Lavender Flower Water

How to use lavender water?

Skin Care

Skin Type: Normal to oily, sensitive or irritated. 

  1. Cleanser/Toner: Bulgarian lavender water has natural calming and anti-bacterial properties. It is ideal for mild acne breakouts and occasionally oily skin with enlarged pores, blemishes or uneven skin tone. Lavender water’s anti-bacterial properties help eliminate the acne-causing bacteria.  A few sprays after cleansing will instantly help even the complexion out and will give you a fresh look.
  2. Soothing agent for mild cuts and burns: When applied to minor cuts, burns or wounds it provides instant comfort and has powerful anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Natural repellent and soothing agent for insect bites: If you don’t have an insect repellent handy, but you have some lavender water, spray or apply on your body especially the parts not covered with clothes. Not only the lavender flower water will tone the skin, but its strong aroma will discourage any insects to come near you. If it’s already too late for that, spray the bites wth lavender water to stop the itch.
  4. Relaxing massage: Massage lavender water directly on your skin on both face and body. It will relax any tension in the muscles and will provide instant comfort to the senses.
  5. Calms and soothes eczema: Lavender water can be a natural remedy to help soothe eczema. It also balances skin’s pH helping it heal and enhancing skin’s natural barrier functions (i.e making sure it can protect itself from the external factors).

Hair Care: 

To use natural lavender flower water on your hair all you need to do is spray the lengths  and the tips, or massage a small amount straight into the scalp.

  1. Sensitive, oily and itchy scalp remedy: Lavender water can be used directly on the hair and scalp to relieve itchy, irritated and sensitive scalp. It also helps balance the sebacious glands on the scalp, thus regulating sebum secretion. As a result hair is less oily and scalp is healthy.
  2. Dandruff remedy: Thanks to its soothing, calming and rebalancing properties, lavender water reduces dandruff.
  3. Anti-frizz remedy. Lavender water hydrates dry hair and reduces frizz. Another added bonus is the great smell and shine.  Simply spray the lengths of your hair with lavender water and leave your hair to air dry and absorb all the vitamins.


  1. Stress relief: Lavender is pure magic when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety. It is one of the best calming and soothing herbs to use for aromatherapy.
  2. Insomnia remedy: Spray a small amount in your bedroom, or on and around your pillows before going to bed. As mentioned, lavender is one of the best remedies against sleep-deprivation, stress and anxiety. You can use it around baby’s cot as well.
  3. Relaxing bath: Run a warm bath and pour some lavender water in it. Allow your skin, body and mind relax after a hard day’s work.

Melissa (Lemon balm) Flower Water

Melissa or as also known as lemon balm water is produced by steam distillation of the fresh Melissa flower petals. It’s often used in aromatherapy, thanks to its pleasant, fresh, lemony scent, which uplifts the spirits and alleviates stress and anxiety. It is most often used in skincare and aromatherapy, but could also be taken internally.

Melissa Flower Water, Melissa

How to use melissa water?

Skin Care

Skin Type: Normal to oily, combination and acne-affected skin.

  1. Cleanser/Toner – If you have normal to oily and combination skin, go with Melissa flower water. After cleansing and make-up removal, tone the skin using a cotton pad soaked in melissa flower water. It makes for a perfect morning toner for oily skin as it mattifies and evens the complexion out. It preps the skin for the application of make-up, making it smooth and soft.
  2. Remedy against acne-affected skin. Melissa flower water has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties and helps treat acne and break-outs.
  3. Relaxing massage. Melissa flower water can be used in massages to relieve tension after a hard-day’s work.

Hair Care: You can rinse your hair and massage your scalp with Melissa flower water, especially if you tend to have an oily and problematic scalp. It refreshes the scalp and helps fight dandruff.

Internal Use*: Melissa flower water is highly recommend during flu season. Simply add 1 tsp of pure, organic lemon balm water to your morning water to fight flu, infections and to enhance the immune system. Melissa flower water has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It can be added to calming teas and make a tummy-soothing remedy.

*While it’s generally considered safe for most people, lemon balm water can inhibit thyroid function. If you have severe hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) or are on thyroid medication avoid using Melissa flower water internally before discussing it with your doctor first.

Chamomile Flower Water

Chamomile water is produced from the distillation of the Roman chamomile petals and serves well all skin types, especially  delicate, dry and sensitive skin. It can be used as a natural toner for face, or as a bleaching agent for hair. It gives natural blond and light hairs extra shine!

Chamomile water is one of the most used flower waters in baby care products thanks to its amazing soothing and gentle, yet potent, antibacterial properties.

How to use chamomile flower water?

Skin Type: Normal to sensitive skin, suffering from pigmentation.

Skin Care

  1. Cleanser/toner: Chamomile water can be used as a toner at the end of your cleansing ritual. It gently removes any residue and impurities and helps brighten and even the complexion out.
  2. Pigmentation remedy: Natural chamomile water is an excellent remedy against pigment spots. It has mild brightening effect on the skin. It evens the complexion out and gives the skin a fresh, bright look.
  3. Anti-puffiness cotton balls: Soak two cotton balls in chamomile water to soothe the eyes, eliminate any tension and reduce puffiness and dark circles. For an even better results place the chamomile water in the fridge for 15 minutes beforehand.
  4. Baby care: Thanks to its amazing antibacterial and soothing properties chamomile water is very popular in babies’ skin care. You can make homemade wet wipes or cleanse the gentle baby skin with cotton pads soaked in pure chamomile water.

Hair Care:

  1. Natural hair brightening: Soak  your hair in chamomile flower water or spray it directly on naturally blond or dyed hairs to make them lighter and give them a shine.

Rosa Alba (White Rose) Flower Water

The white Rosa Alba is an oil-bearing type of rose with white color blossom that grows in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. The flower water is obtained by steam distillation of the white rose petals. In comparison to the Rosa Damascena kind, the Rosa Alba water has a lighter and a more delicate floral aroma.  The white rose floral water is used to hydrate, cleanse, soothe and invigorate dull, aging and dry skin. It can be used as an all over face and body mist.

white rose, white rosa alba

How to use Rosa Alba flower water?

Skin Care

Skin Type: Dull, aging, dry and sensitive skin

  1. Cleanser/Toner. Soak a cotton pad with white Rosa Alba flower water and thoroughly cleanse and tone the face.
  2. After sun care. Use white Rosa Alba flower water to soothe sun burns. Soak a soft cotton towel, or a cotton pad and lay it on the affected areas. Leave it on the skin as long as its needed.
  3. Relaxing massage/body mist. Freshen up your body and senses by applying white rose water and gently massage into your skin. Thanks to its therapeutic and refreshing properties, the skin, body and mind are uplifted, stress-free and energized.
  4. Relaxing bath. Use a 50-75 ml. of white rose water in your bath to invigorate the senses and treat yourself to a spa experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Hair Care

  1. Invigorating hair rinse. After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair and just before you step out of the shower rinse your hair with white rose flower water. Massage it into the roots and apply all over the length. Put the hair up in a warm towel. As a result the hair is softer and has a delicate rose scent


  1. Freshen up premises/clothing and linen. It helps build emotional strength. It is also known that white Rosa Alba helps stimulate a sensation of romance.

Internal Use

  1. As a natural flavour-enhancer. Rosa Alba Water is the perfect addition to many culinary creations and beverages. It can greatly compliment a cup of fragrant tea, or even your morning glass of water.

Peppermint Flower Water Uses

Peppermint flower water is obtained by the steam distillation of the fresh Mentha Piperita leaves. Of all the flower waters this is the most refreshing, cooling and energizing one. It can be used as a natural toner and mist for face, hair, scalp and body. Peppermint floral water is well-known for its potent antiseptic and balancing properties making it ideal for acneic and problematic skin and oily scalp.

peppermint flower water use

How to use peppermint flower water?

Skin Care

Skin Type: oily, acneic, irritated and sun burned. 

  1. Cleanser/Toner. Use peppermint flower water to cleanse and tone your face, either with your cleansing milk, or at the end of your make up removal routine to get rid of any residue. Peppermint water has amazing balancing properties and helps reduce the excess production of sebum. It leaves the skin clean, soft, energized and toned.
  2. Sunburn Remedy. You can directly spray peppermint flower water to affected areas, or soak a cotton cloth or pad with it and apply on the skin. It will help soothe the redness and will instantly cool and comfort the skin.
  3. Natural deodorant. Thanks to its natural citrus aroma peppermint water can make an excellent natural deodorant, or it can be used in emergency and stressful situations to mask unpleasant odor in the armpit area just to keep you covered until you apply your regular deodorant.
  4. Foot care. Spray peppermint water to refresh your feet. You can use the spray to freshen up shoes as well. If you want to soothe tired and tensed feet soak them in lukewarm water and pour a generous amount of mint water to cool and refresh them. It will help your feet relax and will soften rough skin.

Hair Care: 

  1. Seborrhea treatment. Thanks to its balancing properties, peppermint flower water is perfect to use on your scalp. Massage a generous amount of the water into the roots and let it absorb. Peppermint water will help regulate the production of excess sebum and will freshen up both hair and scalp.
  2. Hair-loss remedy. Massage the flower water into the scalp. Thanks to its invigorating and stimulating properties, peppermint water helps energize and stimulate the growth of new healthy hair.


  1. Air-freshener. Spray mint water to instantly refresh stale air in premises and closets.

Internal Use

  1. Natural flavour-enhancer. Add a teaspoon of mint flower water to enhance herbal teas, cocktails and drinks. Add a teaspoon to your morning water to infuse it with energy and coolness.



Geranium Flower Water Uses

Geranium flower water is produced by the steam distillation of the fresh geranium leaves. Geranium floral water has potent balancing, healing, whitening and antiseptic properties.

geranium, geranium flower

How to use geranium water?

Skin Care

Skin Type: Oily, acneic, combination (dry patches and oily patches) and problematic skin

  1. Cleanser/Toner. Perfect for cleansing and toning oily and acneic skin. The geranium flower water balances the sebum secretion and normalizes the level of hydration in the skin. In other words when using geranium flower water as a natural toner, it will help make the oily patches of the skin less oily and the dry patches of the skin less dry.
  2. Clear complexion. Use geranium flower water to restore your skin’s natural glow. Thanks to its balancing and brightening properties, geranium water evens the complexion out.


Geranium flower water has a heavy, yet sweet scent that calms the senses and relieves tension.

  1. Stress relief.  Geranium flower water is especially nice to use when when feeling stressed, tired or generally out of balance.
  2. Hormonal Balance. Research suggests geranium water helps balance the hormones and gives visible results in skin conditions that are caused by hormonal disbalance.

Sage Flower Water

Obtained by the steam-distillation of the Salvia officinalis leaves, sage flower water is a refreshing natural toner for normal to oily skin. As with all floral waters, sage floral water can be used on its own or combined with other active ingredients or other cosmetic bases. Used on its own it acts as a natural toner for face and body.

Sage plant, sage plants

How to use sage water?

Skin Care:

Skin Type: Normal to oily skin

  1. Cleanser/Toner. Soak a cotton pad with pure sage flower water and cleanse and tone your face day and night to help balance the skin and regulate sebum secretion. Sage water is perfect for skin suffering with enlarged pores.
  2. Anti-inflammatory agent. The chemical components in the sage water are natural acids, which are hydrophilic (water-loving). Thanks to these properties sage water acts as a healing anti-inflammatory and mild, but therapeutic antiseptic. Also as it is well known bacteria doesn’t thrive well in acidic environments, which means it helps keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

Hair Care: 

1, Invigorating hair rinse. Apply sage water directly on your roots and lengths or put some in your hair masks, or in your rinse water. It will tone and hydrate your hair, making it softer and smelling fantastic.

We hope you enjoyed our extensive guide and recipes for using flower waters and we hope you come to find they are irreplaceable in skincare, hair care, body care and aromatherapy.

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