Pomorie Bay

Pomorie Bay natural cosmetics line nourishes the skin and increases its elasticity. The specialized products are suitable for sensitive, dry and problematic skin types as well as skin prone to allergies caused by fragrances. The Pomorie Bay line is developed with stabilized Black Sea lye, seaweeds extracts and remedial mud from the Black Sea lakes and combined with vegetable and essential oils.

Cosmetic products in the series

The products of the Black Sea Star's Pomorie Bay are multifunctional with a cosmetic, prophylactic and curative effect. They can also be used home-grown and have a nourishing, relaxing, cleansing and beautifying effect on the skin of the face and body. They are enriched with a physiologically important mineral composition, microalgae, and microfowl, typical of our salt lakes. They act nourishing, relaxing, cleansing and enhancing the skin and body.

The natural extracts from seaweeds and melissa combined with the black see, jojoba and macadamia oils hydrate and moisturize the skin. The active ingredients from Black Sea mud and lye enhance the regenerative processes. The argan and avocado oils soften the skin restoring its elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The product line of the Pomorie Bay includes moisturizing day cream, nourishing night cream, cleansing mud mask, mineralizing peeling gel and moisturizing cream for eye contour and lips.

  • European countries

    starts from €10*

  • Rest of the World

    starts from €15*

* terms and conditions apply

Approximate delivery time

5-15 working days

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