Natural flower waters

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo's natural flower waters cosmetic line is developed with care and attention by scientists, the products combine the pleasant scent and the unique features of Bulgarian rose oil with the effect of other natural ingredients. They contain natural minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which have a soothing, anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect. The aromatic herbs grown on the fertile soils of Bulgaria - lavender, mint, lemon, etc. have a strong curative effect and are the basis of ecologically clean cosmetic products, known and looked for all over the world.

Cosmetic products in the series

The products are useful, with great effect that protect against the harmful influences of the environment and the stress of nowadays life. They provide therapy to the body and the soul, naturally refreshing and taking care of their youth and excellent condition.

The products are suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, sensitive or mature skin, providing a pleasant feeling of health and freshness. They help to relieve inflammation and redness by acting antiseptically, soothing the skin and making it radiant. They have a great moisturizing effect and a delicate nourishing effect. When used regularly, the skin becomes soft, elastic and gentle. The feeling of luxury, health and joy that they bring makes daily life more enjoyable.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo's natural flower waters include floral water from rose, lavender, chamomile, balm and sage.

  • European countries

    starts from €10*

  • Rest of the World

    starts from €15*

* terms and conditions apply

Approximate delivery time

5-15 working days

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