Christian of Roma

Christian of Roma

Christian of Roma marks its starti back in 1993 and since then quickly became one of the most recognizable, popular and loved Italian manufacturers of products for all hair types, especially dry, treated and coloured.

Series from the brand

For more than 24 years now the Christian of Roma's team creates products for complex and comprehensive hair care that targets the needs of dry, damaged and dyed hair and sensitive, problematic scalp.

Christian of Roma stands behind many effective and quality cosmetic lines of which Rolland InSight being one of the most affordable and loved ones.  In the cosmetic line you can find products for treated, soloured, dry and tangled hair. Say goodbye to dandruff, seborrhea and hair loss. Thanks to the products from the Rolland Insight cosmetic line you hold the key to the elimination of some of the most common problems in hair care.