Collagena's cosmetic line Goodly is a premium collection of skincare products meticulously designed to enhance your beauty ritual. Infused with cutting-edge ingredients and crafted with a commitment to quality and sustainability, Goodly by Collagena offers a luxurious experience for your skin.

Cosmetic products in the series

Козметичната линия Goodly на Collagena събира в себе си 6 продукта за грижа за лицето, включително почистване, хидратация и антиоксидантна грижа. 

Продуктите, които ще откриете в серията, включват: 

Intensive antioxidant serum with Vitamin C – ACTIVE-C, 30 ml.
Peptide Goodness face cream – PEPTIDE GOODNESS, 50 ml.
Foaming face cleanser SOFT TOUCH, 150 ml.
Moisturizing and Brightening day ceam with SPF50, C-BLEND – 50 ml.
Highly hydrating eye serum SO GOODLY, 20 ml.
Oil-based melting cleanser – TRANSFORMING BALM, 100 ml.

Other series from the brand

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