Abrasive pedicure file for dead skin removal (100/180) SNB

# 3577

  • Ergonomic handle and abrasive body with concave and convex part for easy use.
  • Removes dead skin on feet and heels.
  • Created from high quality and durable materials.
  • It comes in three convenient sizes and colors: 100/180, 100/120 and 60/80.
  • Suitable for use both by professionals and at home.
  • 3.99 (excl. VAT: €3.32)

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  • 3.99 (excl. VAT: €3.32)
  • 3.99 (excl. VAT: €3.32)

excl. VAT: €3.32

Abrasive pedicure file for dead skin removal (100/120) SNB

Abrasive pedicure file for dead skin removal (100/120) SNB


3.99 excl. VAT: €3.32

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About the product

SNB's abrasive pedicure foot file removes the accumulated dead skin from the feet and the heels. The file has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use. The rough side of the file has concave part and convex part which can be used to remove dead skin from the arch and the heels.

Directions for use

Use the concave part to clean the heels and the convex part to remove the dry skin from the feet, arch, and toes.

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