Organic hair growth serum with pepper seed oil Wooden Spoon

Organic hair growth serum with pepper seed oil Wooden Spoon

# 3050

  • Organic hair growth serum with pepper seed oil.
  • Enriched with organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, and rosemary oil.
  • Contains 100% natural and 45% organic ingredients.
  • Prevents hair thinning and improves circulation.
  • Nourishes the hair in depth, moisturizes the skin on the scalp.
  • 0% chemicals, 0% synthetics, made from bio-certified oils, bio extracts, and natural vitamin Е.
30 ml.
  • 13.78 (excl. VAT: €11.49)
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excl. VAT: €11.49

Organic hair growth serum with pepper seed oil Wooden Spoon

Organic hair growth serum with pepper seed oil Wooden Spoon

30 ml.

13.78 excl. VAT: €11.49

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About the product

Wooden Spoon's organic hair growth serum is made of 100% natural and 45% organic ingredients that absorb well into the scalp and hair and effectively stimulate hair growth. Not only loss of hair is visibly reduced, but the new hair grows healthier, shinier and fuller.  

The hair growth serum by Wooden Spoon brags a combination of powerful organic oils. Each of them has a proven beneficial effect on falling, thinning hair and onthe hair follicles.

Rosemary Oil - nourishes and moisturizes the hair in depth, restoring it's structure. Only after a couple of weeks the hair looks visibly thicker and healthier; reduces hair thinning, strengthens the hair, restores its elasticity and radiance.

Organic Argan Oil - nourishes the hair in depth, moisturizes the skin on the scalp. It's rich in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), as well as natural antioxidants. Argan oil is also rich in polyphenols, anti-age vitamins F and E, triterpene alcohols, sterols, carotenoids, xanthophylls and triglycerides. It makes the hair radiant, vital, full-bodied and irresistibly soft.

Organic Jojoba Oil - deeply hydrates and nourishes the hair and scalp. The organic jojoba oil is naturally enriched with iodine, fatty acids, vitamins С, Е and B and copper, zinc, chrome and silicon. Its chemical composition is almost the same as the human sebum, which allows quick absorption with no residual grease or allergic reactions. Eliminates dandruff, strengthens the hair.  Regulates hair thinning and restores the shine of the hair.

Pepper Seed Oil - it is a powerful hair-growth stimulant, that effectively prevents hair thinning. The oil is extracted from the seeds of hot chilly pepper which is why it has a slightly stinging effect that warms up the scalp and increases blood flow to the hair follicles. The improved circulation revives the hair which becomes visibly thicker, longer and radiant after a couple of uses. 

Directions for use

Spray a small amount of the product on your palms and gently massage into hair and scalp. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with shampoo and plenty water. 

ATTENTION! This serum contains chilli seed essential oil and should not be in contact with the eyes. Keep away from children. Do not use in case of allergies.


0% chemicals, 0% synthetics, made from certified bio oils, bio extracts and natural vitamin Е.



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