Pure Skin set "Radiant complexion" Biotrade

Pure Skin set "Radiant complexion" Biotrade

# 3517

  • Moisturizes and aids skin regeneration.
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Evens and smooths the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
  • Paraben-free!
  • 20.42 (excl. VAT: €17.02)
  • 24.03

excl. VAT: €17.02

Pure Skin set "Radiant complexion" Biotrade

Pure Skin set "Radiant complexion" Biotrade

20.42 excl. VAT: €17.02

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About the product

Biotrade's promo set "Radiant complexion" from the cosmetic line Pure Skin provides comprehensive care for the delicate skin of the face, removes blackheads and evens the complexion, making the skin radiant again.

Revitalizing face cream - moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin and works equally good on normal and dry skin. The combination of active ingredients and balanced pH makes this product suitable for use on mildly irritated skin.

Exfoliating face toner - gently exfoliates the skin and improves its structure by enhancing the regeneration of new cells.

Directions for use

Revitalizing face cream: apply every evening on а well cleaned face at least 30 minutes after using the exfoliating tonic from the Pure Skin series. If you notice any burning, itching or redness discontinue the use of this product. If symptoms last more than three days contact a dermatologist.

Exfoliating face toner: apply on a clean and dry skin in the evening from 3 to 7 times a week depending on the conditionof the skin and its reaction to the product. Be sure to use in combination with sunscreen SPF 50+. The exfoliating tonic may cause a slight burning sensation and redness due to chemical reactions of the ingredients in it. In case the burning and redness continues more than 3 days contact a dermatologist. When the skin is irritated for more than 20 minutes stop using the product. Do not use other cosmetic products 30 minutes before and after the use of the tonic. Combine with a moisturizing creme from the Pure Skin series 30 minutes after applying the exfoliating tonic.

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