Rejuvenating serum with caviar and sea collagen for face, neck and neckline ProfiDerm Professional

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  • Rejuvenating and anti-aging serum for face, neck and neckline.
  • Contains encapsulated pearls and extracts of caviar, alginates and marine collagen.
  • With DuoPearl ™ Technology.
  • The wrinkles are smooth and the appearance of the skin is greatly improved.
  • Suitable for all skin types, such as prevention and anti-wrinkles.
  • Without preservatives.
50 ml.

About the product

The rejuvenating serum with caviar and sea collagen for face, neck and neckline ProfiDerm Professional improves cellular breathing, tightens, softens and protects the skin by enriching it with valuable amino acids. Nourishing and moisturizing product containing the latest generation of active ingredients encapsulated in pearls to preserve its freshness and maximum effectiveness without preservatives. The DuoPearl ™ Technology retains the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the formula until they are applied. Using the serum, the pearls become a delicate texture with rapid absorption. Each application delivers the exact amount of ingredients that lead to remarkable results. 3D protective matrix Glicofilm prevents against contamination, free radicals and UV radiation. Hydrating fine texture allows use on any skin type, such as prevention and anti-wrinkles.

Directions for use

In the morning and evening, apply 2-3 pumps of the product to cleaned face, neck and neckline. Rub long,until the spheres are fully mastered.


Caviar - extremely rich in trace elements, amino acids and oligoproteins, which are absorbed by the skin. This provides regular regeneration and rejuvenation.

Sea collagen - reduces wrinkles and fine lines and stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen. Seals elastin threads and favors the overall skin refreshment process.

Alginates - Extracts of sea-brown seaweed rich in vitamins and minerals. Tighten and smooth the skin, soak it with moisture and improve microcirculation.

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Tatiana Morganova

I want this


Please , how to buy this product? This is imposible here, i trading two days but I cannot. This is very good product. Thanks

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