Toothpaste with Himalayan salt for complex oral care Bilka Dent

# 1244

  • Complex care for teeth and gums.
  • Contains Himalayan salt and echinacea extract.
  • Provides an all-inclusive care - cleanses, protects against cavities, refreshes and whitens the teeth.
  • Effectively cleans and keeps bad bacteria at bay.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Does not contain fluoride! With fresh mint flavor.
75 ml.
  • 2.99 (excl. VAT: €2.49)

excl. VAT: €2.49

Toothpaste with Himalayan salt for complex oral care Bilka Dent

Toothpaste with Himalayan salt for complex oral care Bilka Dent

75 ml.

2.99 excl. VAT: €2.49

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About the product

Bilka's toothpaste with Himalayan salt from the Bilka Dent range provides effective cleansing and protection of the teeth and gums. Thanks to the unique ability of  the Himalayan salt to cleanse and kill bacteria combined with the Echinacea extract which is known to help strengthen the tooth enamel the toothpaste provides an all-inclusive oral care. It removes the dental plaque. Helps the irrigation of the gums. Stimulates the secretion of saliva and thus contributes to the self-cleansing of the teeth. The echinacea extract enhances the resistance of the oral mucosa and protects the problematic and sensitive gums. Reduces the risk of cavities. The sodium bicarbonate reduces acidity and removes the dental plaque and whitens the teeth. The toothpaste has a fresh mint flavor.

Does not contain fluoride!

Directions for use

Brush twice delay with energetic movements for at least 3 minutes. Do not swallow. Keep away from children's reach. 

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  • Rest of the World

    starts from €15*

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5-15 working days

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