Welcome to our new site

Now more than ever, we are glad to welcome you to our new website!

We know how important it is for all our clients to shop conveniently online and to be able to enjoy a wide selection of quality Bulgarian cosmetics.

What’s new on Cosmetics Bulgaria?

We are now more beautiful, mobile and functional. Here are some of the advantages of our new site:

1. We offer two registration options and a possibility to complete an order without registering at all. As of today you can order your favorite Bulgarian cosmetics, without bothering to sign up. If you do, however, you are in for a treat!

2. Bonus points. As a registered user, you can benefit from accummulating bonus points with your every purchase and can exchange them for selected gifts.  Every €5.00 brings you 1 bonus point. 

3. Wholesale discount. If you want to buy Bulgarian cosmetics in bulk (we understand you completely), you can do so with a discount. All you need to do is choose to register as a wholesale client. You don’t have to always fill the invoicing information every time you order. It will be saved in your profile. You will also be able to keep track of your orders and their progress at all times.

4. Favorite products. Browse through our selection of products and save those you love the most for later.

5. More bio, natural and organic products. As of today you will see more and more organic, bio and natural Bulgarian products on our website, because we believe in the restorative and nourishing power of nature in its purest form.

6. Order history. It’s 1.30 am, but you are wondering where in the world is your parcel? Now you can keep track of your orders history and their current status at any time. You can also browse your old purchases. Forgot what was the name of that divine shower gel you purchased last time? No problem. It’s all in your order history.

7. Convenient payment options – from now on you will be able to pay with your credit or debit card, via a bank transfer, PayPal, or cash-on-delivery (for Bulgarian orders only). The electronic payment is protected by SSL certificates and is completely safe.

8. Filtering options to help you find the best cosmetics for you. On every category you will be able to choose from a list of concerns and pick the products that best target your concern, whether it is dry and sensitive skin, or dry and damaged hair.

Concerns Cosmetics Bulgaria

9. Newsletter with promotions and new arrivals. Always be up to date with our latest hot deals, promotions and new arrivals.

10. Shop in your currency. We have selected 10 currencies you can use to shop with prior to finalizing your order. We hope these give you a better idea how much the cosmetics will cost at the end.

Currencies Cosmetics Bulgaria

You can choose from euros (EUR), United States Dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP), Russian Roubles (RUB), Ukranian hryvnia (UAH), Romanian Lei (RON),  New Israeli Shequels (NIS), Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT), Chinese yuans (CNY), Japanese yen (JPY).

We wish you a happy shopping!

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  1. CaroleAzzo says: Reply

    HellHe do you deliver tolebanon?

    1. Cosmetics Bulgaria says: Reply

      Hi! Yes we do! 🙂

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