Alteya Organics

Alteya Organics

Founded in 1999, Alteya Organics started as a family company whose principal activity is the cultivation and distilling of the essential oils of the Bulgarian rosa damascena flower and lavender. Alteya Organics is one of the first Bulgarian producers of certified organic cosmetics and beauty products, bio oils and organic supplements.

Proof of Alteya Organics' responsibility towards the health and well-being of its customers is the fact that all products are certified in accordance to European and American directives. The values ​​and beliefs of the company are set in stone for each cycle of the production process - from growing the raw material to its processing and supply.

Each of Alteya Organics' cosmetic line is designed to deliver visible results and have a beneficial effect on the body, mind and soul - starting from creams for face and body, essential and vegetable oils to sun protection and care for children's delicate skin. All organic products carry an USDA stamp that is a real proof of Alteya's organic farming, sustainable development and concern for human health. In Alteya's cosmetic products you will not find parabens, petrochemicals or GMOs. The products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free. Alteya's cosmetic lines are suitable for spa, wellness and aromatherapy for home and professional use.

Part of the bio products on their portfolio include: organic rose water, organic rose oil, organic lavender water, organic therapy for hair,serums for the face and eyes, lip balm with rose oil and lavender oil, organic butter for hands and feet, organic baby balms, lotions, massage oils, organic oil for pregnant women (against stretch marks), organic balms and serums for fresh tattoos; entirely new face tonics, cleansing milks, body lotions and a variety of organic plant and essential oils.