Ecomaat Bulgaria

Ecomaat Bulgaria

Ecomaat Bulgaria is a family enterprise founded in 2001. Since 2004 the company is a leading manufacturer of certified organic aromatic products demanded both in Bulgaria and abroad. Extremely high quality products with essential oils, floral waters, unique CO2 extracts and products with genuine Bulgarian rose oil, with priceless extracts of iris or unique extract of lilac. Ecomaat's cosmetics ensures  an all inclusive skin care through aromatherapy that affects the processes of regeneration and restores the skin.

100% of the ingredients manufactured by Ecomaat Bulgaria are with certified organic origin and with clear traceability and proven quality. They do not contain artificial and synthetic substances, mineral oils, silicones, propylene glycol, preservatives, emulsifiers, coloring agents, GMOs, pesticides and heavy metals or ionizing radiation during their treatment. The raw materials used for all essential oils, flower waters and CO2 extracts are 100% natural, pure, unadulterated, authentic and bio-certified, meeting the strict requirements of bio regulations EU 834/2007 & USDA NOP.

The products of the line Spa Maat Products soften, regenerate and improve elasticity of the skin, stimulate the processes of metabolism in the tissues, improving blood circulation and immune system, bio-active resonance for hours after completion of the procedures and most important - the balance of the processes in body: on physical and emotional level.

The CO2 extracts used as active ingredients in the luxury collection Natural & Deluxe show significant antioxidant, hypoallergenic, immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. The Natural & Deluxe collection products are designed for modern people with a conscious "Bio" lifestyle - for people with ecological awareness and understanding of sustainable development, valuing modern technologies in harmony with nature.

The use of nutritional supplements from the La Vie en Rose series support the normal functioning of the skin and affects the development of the hair and the nails. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplements with rose help restore normal skin function and give it a radiant and youthful appearance. They protect the skin from the aggression of the free oxygen radicals from solar radiation and support the measured tanning.

The Dodo line includes products containing the most gentle and safe, bio-certified supercritical CO2 extracts - a charming and loving care for you and your baby. Vegetable oils with chamomile and rose soothe, warm, relax and preserve the elasticity of the skin.

The developed boutique series has a high added value and is designed for professional and home use.