Biotrade's cosmetic line Atopity is specially designed for dry, sensitive and atopic skin, which often suffers from dermatitis, itching, irritation and a feeling of dryness and discomfort. The emollient products in the series with their ultra gentle dermatological formulas improve the condition of the skin and restore the feeling of comfort.

Cosmetic products in the series

Biotrade's Atopity cosmetics line contains two products for sensitive and atopic skin: soothing emollient body balm and emollient cleansing oil.

  • European countries

    starts from €10*

  • Rest of the World

    starts from €15*

* terms and conditions apply

Approximate delivery time

5-15 working days

Cucumber Extract Skincare Benefits & Uses

Cucumber extract has soothing, hydrating, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, renewing and de-puffing properties that will plump the skin and make it dewy

Sarah’s Results with the Cosmetics Bulgaria Routine

Sarah’s journey to clear skin without acne and breakouts began in the beginning of 2019 when she received her first bundle of products from Cosmetic