Bio chamomile flower water with spray Armina Bio

# 3860

  • 100% pure, fresh and bio chamomile flower water.
  • Has a gentle whitening effect and has a beneficial effect on skin suffering from dark circles, pigmentation and fatigue.
  • Soothes, cleanses and refreshes the skin of the face.
  • Gives shine to light hair.
  • Has a beneficial effect on dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Not tested on animals. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors and colorants. Vegan.
100 ml.
  • 4.58 (excl. VAT: €3.81)
250 ml.
  • 4.58 (excl. VAT: €3.81)

excl. VAT: €3.81

Bio chamomile flower water with spray Armina Bio

Bio chamomile flower water with spray Armina Bio

100 ml.

4.58 excl. VAT: €3.81

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About the product

Armina Bio's organic chamomile flower water is widely used in skin and hair care. Chamomile is known for its soothing effect, making it an excellent tool for treating dry, sensitive and irritated skin in adults and children. The bio chamomile  flower water has a slight illuminating and whitening effect and is suitable for use on skin with pigment spots, dark circles, or under the eyes. In the hair care, chamomile water is suitable for giving shine to blond and light hair.

Directions for use

Spray directly on the skin, or apply with gentle massage movements with the help of a cotton swab. Clean the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Suitable skin care for babies before sleep. Soak a couple of cotton swabs and gently massage the body. You can clean red areas with irritation. 

Pure chamomile water gives shine to light hair. You can rinse your hair with a small amount of chamomile water before leaving the bathroom.

Refresh the rooms by sprinkling the carpets and upholstery with  a little bit of chamomile water.


100% bio flower water obtained by steam distillation of chamomile. 

Certified by BG-BIO-02

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