Insect repellent lotion Calmex & Repelex Biotrade

# 3545

  • A powerful insect repellent lotion.
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies and other bloodsucking and stinging insects.
  • Gentle to the skin, uncompromising to the pests.
  • Guaranteed effect for 8 hours after application.
  • Suitable for the whole family (children over 2 years old.)
  • Contains no artificial flavors and colors.
50 ml.
  • 5.06 (excl. VAT: €4.21)

excl. VAT: €4.21

Insect repellent lotion Calmex & Repelex Biotrade

Insect repellent lotion Calmex & Repelex Biotrade

50 ml.

5.06 excl. VAT: €4.21

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About the product

Biotrade's powerful insect repellent spray from the cosmetic line Calmex & Repelex provides effective protection against mosquitoes up to 8 hours after application, against ticks up to 4 hours after application, against fleas, flies, wasps and other insects for up to 6 to 8 hours. The spray rotects against bites and stings. It is easy to use and comes in a convenient package. It can be sprayed on both skin and on clothing and objects without leaving marks or residue. The compact package allows you to take it everywhere with you.


Directions for use

Before going out spray the uncovered parts of the body. Do not spray directly on the face, on irritated or injured skin. Repelex can be sprayed on clothes or shoes, as it does not leave marks.  After returning indoors, wash the treated skin with water and soap. Suitable for children over the age of 2.  When used on children, the product should be applied by an adult.

TIP: When using a repellent observe the following rules:

1. Apply the repellent only on bare areas of skin that are directly exposed to bites and stings.
2. The repellent can be used on clothes too, as it does not damage tissue.
3. Never apply repellents on wounds or irritated skin areas.
4. Never put on the eyes and mouth, and around the ears apply moderately.
5. When the repellent is in the form of a spray do not apply directly on the face - first spray in your hand and then apply to face.
6. Do not allow children to play or use the products by themselves. When you apply on a child first spray in your hand and then spread on the body. Never apply the product on the hands of children.
7. Use as much repellent as to cover the exposed areas of the body or clothing. A more generous spraying does not increase efficiency.
8. After returning indoors, wash the treated skin with water and soap. This is especially important, when the repellent is put on several times during the day or several consecutive days. Wash treated clothing before using them again.
9. If your child has any redness or obvious allergic reaction stop using the repellent, wash thoroughly with water and mild soap and if complaints are not resolved contact a doctor.

Attention: If you experience burning, itching or redness cease use of the product. If complaints are not resolved within three days, consult a dermatologist.

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