Whitening face toner Melabel Biotrade

Whitening face toner Melabel Biotrade

# 202

  • Lightens the dark pigmented spots on the skin, such as freckles and pigmentation caused by acne, burns, hormones, and aging.
  • Evens the skin tan and regulates the oiliness of the skin.
  • Gently exfoliates the skin and shrinks the pores.
  • Activates the regeneration of the skin cells after exfoliation.
  • Paraben-free!
60 ml.
  • 17.90 (excl. VAT: €14.91)
  • 19.94

excl. VAT: €14.91

Whitening face toner Melabel Biotrade

Whitening face toner Melabel Biotrade

60 ml.

17.90 excl. VAT: €14.91

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About the product

Biotrade's whitening face toner from the Melabel cosmetic line gently lightens the pigment spots on the skin. It evens the skin tan and enhances the regeneration of the skin cells. It helps with the enlarged pores and regulates the pigmentation caused by hormones, sun, and aging. The toner is suitable for all skin types and contains AHA, BHA and Kojic acids which make the toner particularly effective against the dark spots on the face.

Directions for use

Apply in the morning or the evening with a cotton swab on a thoroughly cleaned and dry skin. Use on the entire face or only on specific areas with increased pigmentation. Avoid the area around the eyes and other areas with high skin sensitivity. If necessary, use on the face, neck, back, and arms.

Important: Avoid the sequential application of the whitening tonic and whitening creams. Do not apply the products over one another.

Advice: Do not use skin whitening in combination with other products containing Retin or derivatives of the vitamin A. Always apply on clean skin at least 60 minutes after the use of other products. This will help to keep the pH of your skin the norm and will guarantee the durability and effectiveness of the cream.

Periodically apply a sunscreen with SPF 50+ after using whitening products to prevent re-pigmentation. When side effects and skin irritation appear, stop using the cream and, if necessary, contact a dermatologist.


  • 5% Kojic acid - blocks the over-production of melanin. 
  • 10% Glycolic acid - activates the skin cell regeneration and provides a gentle exfoliation for the skin 2,5%.
  • Malic acid 2% Lactic acid.

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