2019 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year from Cosmetics Bulgaria

Are you ready for some beauty resolutions? 2019 came with a bang and is here to stay! For many of us it is an exciting time of the year to reflect on what we achieved previously and to set a new goal, a new dream or turn a fresh new page.

We asked 10 members of staff and close friends what they would like to introduce to their beauty routine in 2019. From mastering the highlight and contour technique to simply liking oneself better, the answers that we all gave motivated and empowered us to try and be our best self in 2019. We picked our favourite answers for your inspiration.

1. “Get rid of acne, blackheads and redness”. Clear skin topped the list of 2019 beauty resolutions we received and turned out to be one of the main concerns in our circles. Acne is a complex issue and a simple beauty resolutions post won’t merely start to cover all you need to do in order to get yourself on the right track to clear skin, but some of the following products may help:

In order to get rid of redness we have selected products that strengthen the capillaries and soothe irritation, suitable for rosacea too:

2. “Experiment with hair styles more often.” Although to some it comes naturally to change hairstyles and always go out with perfect hair do’s, to others it takes a lot of courage and a giant leap of faith to experiment with lengths and colors, different styles, or to even be able to do their own hair. This will definitely make our list of beauty resolutions in 2019.

3. “Try new face, body and hair care products. I could be very picky when it comes to products and always rely on what I know,  but there is a sea of brilliant skincare that I am always too hesitant to try.” To challenge yourself to add new skincare to a beauty routine that is set in stone, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. A brilliant resolution and it came from no one else but our very own sales consultant. She started with us a little while ago and her work in our shop helped her discover so many exciting products. And, indeed, there is an element of excitement when you are about to try a new product, a step into the unknown – the new smell, texture and result are always something to look forward to on a dull day. If it works it feels like winning the lottery. Here are our favourite new products from 2018 to introduce to your skincare in 2019:

4. “To take care of my body – Exfoliate, moisturise and tone. I am a sucker for all things beauty and skincare, however I neglect that my body also has skin that needs tending.” It is easy to sometimes focus all our efforts on our face and pay less attention to the skin on the body, which besides regular epilation and occasional tanning needs proper cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. It too can suffer from dehydration, acne and sensitivity, or look dull and saggy. Here are favourite treats that we believe our body well-deserves for well containing us and allowing us to do everything we are capable of:

5. “I want to take a better care of my eye contour. In my late 20s I really feel I need to start paying more attention to the area around my eyes”. This one really hit home for some of us and it reminded us that the delicate zone around the eyes needs products specifically crafted to moisturize and nourish, to eliminate puffiness, dark circles and the first appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. Some of the products we would recommend for eye area to get you started on this are:

6. “I want to master the highlight and contour technique.” For those of us who feel accomplished enough to have a good eyeliner day, mastering the highlight and contouring technique could be a real challenge, but is a nonetheless, a useful technique to master when you want to go from plain to glam.

7. Drink more water! An absolute legit beauty resolution! Clear, supple and plump skin relies on hydration and that doesn’t always mean the products we put on our skin, but it also depends on the amount of water we drink. To maintain a healthy, radiant look and to keep your body functioning properly you need around 2,7 litres of fluids daily. Strive for at least 8 glasses of water, add fruits, veggies, herbal teas and soups to your diet and you will be rocking this resolution and your body and skin will thank you for it. Don’t even get us started on the benefits it has for cellulite. If you find the taste of water dull, go for our drinkable organic rose water by Armina Bio. Add a sachet to your glass of water and enjoy the delicate taste and the beneficial properties of rose water on your metabolism.

Our secret weapon to further fight dehydration in the skin are these 4Hyalyronic Acid Serum and HydroMagnet cream by Dr. Derm

These two together are like a bucket full of water for the face!

8. “I want to try false lashes or lash extensions. I like my lashes, but I think a bit of extra length wouldn’t hurt”. With some moderation and plenty of conscience, lash extensions can be something beautiful and can be just what you need to gain that extra bit of confidence. That’s if you can let anyone come near your eyes. For some of us that is the challenge. Make sure you don’t skimp on a quality service and most importantly on quality CRUELTY-FREE false lashes or lash extensions. Mink lashes can look good on your eyes, but they look better on an actual mink that enjoys life in its natural habitat. If you are already riding the lash extensions wave and rocking a va-va-voom lash look, but use lashes with questionable origin, please, do make it your New Year’s resolution to switch to proven, cruelty-free brands approved by PETA. Beauty shouldn’t come at any cost!

9. “I want to make it a habit to deep cleanse and exfoliate my skin regularly.” Alongside masking, deep cleansing and exfoliating the skin at least once a week are among the most underrated beauty habits. Deep cleansing and exfoliating helps the skin breathe and helps remove the dead skin cells (dead skin cells block the pores and make the skin look dull). Exfoliating helps the new skin layers to come to the surface and this is why the skin looks visibly radiant and feels smoother after a good cleanse. In 2019 make it your habit to invest time and efforts in a good comprehensive cleansing and exfoliating routine.

10. “I am determined to like myself better and appreciate what I have!” – We left our favourite resolution for last, because if you take anything from this blog post – take this! Focus on your best features and qualities and draw confidence from them. True beauty always comes from within and radiates. Most importantly when you like yourself it shows and it will attract the right people in your life.

Do you have your own ideas and beauty inspirations? Is there anything new you would want to do in 2019 or anything you want to change? We have prepared a free printable that you can fill and keep yourself accountable throughout the new year. Don’t forget that taking care for those you love is important, but taking care for yourself is obligatory in order to go about everything else!

2019 Beauty Resolutions Printable
Beauty Resolutions 2019 Printable

Download our printable from here and share your thoughts and inspirations with us. Share with a friend and compare answers!

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